Once a lead has been manually reviewed by someone from our team, it goes into our automated matching system. This system matched leads with our member attorneys based on a number of filters.

  • Filter 1: Network Membership
  • Filter 2: Practice Area
  • Filter 3: License to Practice
  • Filter 4: Distance (miles) from Law Firm

 If all filters return a positive match we notify all matched attorneys about the match. 

If no attorney purchases the lead within 6 hours of the notification, we also email the lead the contact information of the most experienced matched attorney.

Filter 1 - Network Membership

Our system first checks to make sure an attorney has an active membership in the directory where the lead has requested a referral from.

At the bottom of each lead intake form we ask whether the lead is interested in only the attorneys from the specific network or are they open to attorneys from our extended network if there is a match. If the lead answers Yes to that question we check for memberships in the original network as well as membership in the Legalglobal.com network.

Attorneys can also manage which lead notifications they are subscribed to through the "Notifications" page in their user dashboard area. 

Filter 2 - Practice Area

Attorney's profile must include the practice area selected by the lead.

Filter 3 - License to Practice

Attorney must be licensed to practice in the state / country where the lead is looking for legal representation. 

We don't check for State license for certain practice areas such as immigration and bankruptcy in the United States since they are under federal law and don't require a state-specific license. For those practice areas we do check for a license somewhere in the United States though.

Filter 4 - Distance from Law Firm

We calculate the distance between the lead's entered zip code and then attorney's law firm addresses and makes sure that the distance is less than a set mile radius. By default this radius is set to 45 miles for all practice areas for all listings. 

Members can customize the mile radius setting for each of their practice areas. For example they can have a 35 mile radius for "Real Estate" cases and a 100 mile radius for "Foreign Law Expert" cases. 

If a mile radius value for a practice area is set to zero (0), our matching system doesn't use this filter. All the other filters will still be used in the matching. For example if a premium member has selected 0 miles for "Personal Injury" cases they will receive all Personal Injury cases in their state as long as the Network Membership filter is also a match.

If an attorney has multiple addresses listed in their profile, our system checks the distance between the lead and each of those addresses.

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