Our goal is to price our leads based on their value to our attorney members. We have a pricing engine that looks at the information the leads submit in our intake forms to calculate the price.

First Input - Practice Area

The primary input into our lead pricing formula is the practice area that the lead selects. The total price of the lead can fluctuate from $0 to 2X of this base price depending on other inputs. Below is the base price for our most popular practice areas. 

Keep in mind we sell each lead to only one attorney so these are exclusive lead rates.

  • Bankruptcy & Debt: $14
  • Business Law: $19
  •   Tax Law: $34
  • Civil Rights: $9
  • Criminal Law: $24
  •   DUI: $29
  •  Traffic Tickets: $14
  • Family Law: $19
  • Foreign Law Export: $19
  • Immigration: $22
  •  EB-5: $39 
  • Insurance: $14
  • Intellectual Property: $19
  • Labor & Employment: $14
  • Lawsuits: $14
  • Personal Injury: $34
  •   Medical Malpractice: $29
  •   Slip & Fall: $19
  • Real Estate: $19
  •   Commercial Real Estate: $24
  •   Landlord and Tenant: $14
  • Translators: $14
  • Trusts and Estate: $24
  •   Guardianship: $19
  •   Power of Attorney: $19

Please note these rates can change without notice. However attorneys will always receive the lead's price in the email notification choosing to making the purchase or not. 

Second Input - Verified Contact Info

Entering an email address and phone number are required for the leads and included in the base price of each lead. Leads have the option to verify their email address (click on a verification link) and phone number (receive a text message with a verification number). If the lead does verify these  information the lead price is adjusted and we let the attorneys know that the information is verified. 

  • Verified Email: +$2
  • Verified Phone: +$4

Third Input - Qualifying Questions

Leads can answer a number of qualifying questions based on the practice area that they select. For example "when did the incident happen? (for personal injury cases)", "how many children do you have? (for divorce cases)". 

We include the lead's answers to the qualifying questions in the notification emails we send our matched attorney members. The answer to a qualifying question can change the price of a lead in one of the ways listed below. This value can be different for each question and answer combination.

  • Add a certain $ amount to the price of the lead
  • Subtract a certain $ amount from the price of the lead
  • Lower the price of the lead to zero (ex. if statue of limitation has passed)

The final price of a lead will always stay within $0 to 2X of the base price.

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