We generate more than 1,000 legal leads every month across our network and more than 60% of them are through our pay per lead program. Clients trust us to help them in their search for legal representation and we do our best to help them. Below is the big picture view of how our program works. Read the whole articles for details of each step.

  • Step 1: Leads fill out our intake forms 
  • Step 2: We manually review each lead
  • Step 3: Our system searches our database for matches
  • Step 4: Attorney notifications are emailed
  • Step 5: Attorneys can purchase  and message the lead

If no attorney indicates interest within 6 hours of the initial notification, we email the lead with the contact information of the most experienced matched attorney 

Step 1 - Lead Intake

We have lead intake forms in over 0.5M web pages across our network of community-focused networks. Leads complete these forms with their information and we help connect them with attorneys matching their criteria. 

When leads complete our intake forms they can submit the following information 

  • Name (required)
  • Location (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Phone (required) 
  • Case description (required)
  • Answers to qualifying questions (optional)

Leads also have the option to verify their email address and phone number. Below is an example of an intake form and the qualifying question.

Step 2 - Manual Review

Each lead is then manually reviewed by someone from our team within 24 hours to ensure the right filters are selected for our matching engine and to reduce spam.

Step 3 - Automated Matching Engine

Once a lead is manually approved it goes into our automated matching engine and gets matched with our members attorneys based on practice area, attorney's license(s) to practice, mile radius from the attorney's office, and specific network that the lead submitted her information through.

Read more details about our automated attorney-client matching engine.

Step 4 - Attorney Notifications Sent Out

If there is one or more matched attorneys, all matched attorneys will receive an email notification with the lead's case information, location, answers to qualifying questions, lead price, and a link to purchase the lead if they are interested. This email does not include the lead's contact information.

Step 5 - Purchase and Message the Lead 

After a member receives the lead notification along with the lead's case description and answers to follow-up questions, she can decide whether or not to purchase and message the lead. 

Members can purchase the lead by clicking on the "Purchase Lead" button in the email notification or by logging into their dashboard area and browsing to the "Pay Per Lead" section.

We then email the lead's contact information to to the member and email the lead with the contact information of the matched attorney. We suggest attorneys to follow-up with the lead directly as well.

Up to three (3) attorneys can purchase any given lead. If we more than one attorney purchase a lead, the price of that lead gets divided by the number of purchasing attorneys. For example if two attorneys purchase the same lead priced at $30, each of them will be billed $15.

Price of each lead is calculated through our custom price engine that strives to adjust the price based on value.

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